Typical dishes of Cusco

The food of Cusco takes the Andean and Spanish tradition in the preparation of their stews. It is a mixture of two trends that combine giving exquisiteness of really delicious dishes. The first one contributes Peruvian ingredients such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, guinea pigs, chili peppers and various condiments such as huacatay or pasta del ají panca; and the other the use of meats such as mutton and pork. Also, the methods of boiling when preparing meals.
Over the years, many foods have varied, however, the picanterías and the famous chicherías remain over the years. In many restaurants we can find these dishes from Cusco.

Baked pork or baked piglet
Roast pork or pig meat is served as a piqueo. Pork pieces are picked with bone, washed, seasoned and marinated with salt, pepper, ground chili, vinegar, beer or sillao and ground panca chili. Allow to marinate for 24 to 48 hours. Then it is baked on a low heat until it is ready. It is served with yuccas and mote. We can find this dish in several restaurants in Lima.

Chuño cola or Lawa de chuño
Delicious soup of Inca origin. It is a spicy soup based on potatoes, chuño, chickpeas, rice, various meats. Serves sausages, a handful of rice, green beans, and cut peeled potatoes are boiled in a liter of broth. When everything is cooked, chuño flour dissolved in cold water is added. The mixture is stirred with a wooden spoon called wisla and left to cook until it takes a point. This dish is eaten at any time of the year.

Olluquito with charqui
This dish is one of the fundamental dishes of Peruvian cuisine. It has two ingredients that are exclusively Peruvian: olluco, a type of potato that grows in the Andes and charqui, llama dry meat or alpaca, which are typical products of Peru.
It is a stew of ollucos and dried minced meat. It is currently served with rice. The ollucos are washed and cut into thin long strips. In a pot with oil, fry the garlic, ground panca chili, finite chopped beef or beef, pepper, salt and cumin. It is stirred well and it is expected that everything is well cooked to add the chopped olluco. Broth is put and covered. When it is ready, add a little oil and serve with fresh chopped parsley.

Chiri uchu
In Cuzco gastronomy there is a representative dish that is well known called Chiri uchu which means cold chili. It is a delicious stew that is served cold and consumed at the Corpus Christi festivities, in June, it is celebrated in Sacsayhuamán.
The food is cold, prepared with guinea pig, boiled chicken, sausage, fresh cheese, toast, rocoto, trout egg, Chinese onion, blood sausage, cochayuyo or seaweed, chorizo, broth of chicken, charqui or chalona and a tortilla made from corn flour. It is boiled and served together in one dish.

Pepián de cuy
It is a stew of corn and guinea pig meat, seasoned with onion and aji panca. After peeling it in boiled water, the guts are removed from the guinea pig and cut into several pieces, which are dusted with corn flour to fry it in hot oil. In another pot prepare a dressing of onion, golden garlic and red pepper. The guinea pigs are dressed and peanuts are added to taste. The dish is served with rice and boiled huayro potatoes.

Kapchi cheese
It is a cold dish of fresh cheese, beans, onions, potatoes that are seasoned with milk and chili. It is the favorite dish of the last months of the year.
Beans are fried in a pot. Apart in a pan is onion, garlic and oil. Once the dressing is ready, add the beans, boiled potatoes, milk, red pepper or yellow. It is served with rice.
Timpu or puchero
It is a typical dish from the carnival season. It is a clade that carries various meats, vegetables, legumes and more. Boil a cow or lamb breast, bacon. When it is in full boil is added cabbage leaves, potatoes, chickpeas and rice, already prepared. In another pot sweet potatoes, pears and yuccas are boiled. The broth is served separately.

Pork rind to the Cusqueña
The pork is cut and browned in its own fat. It is served at breakfast. The pork or pork is prepared in pieces with its bone in a pot. When boiling, the meat releases its fat, the liquid is consumed and it goes browning little by little. It is cut, salted and served with a corn, potato or yucca court. They also serve as a snack at patronal or religious festivities to spread like the Qoyllur Riti for example. Currently they serve it with bread.

Cuy to the stone or guinea pig
It is a typical dish of Cuzco and Arequipa gastronomy. The guinea pig is fried in abundant oil under a stone that acts as a lid. It is usually accompanied with boiled potatoes, fried yuccas, corn, salsa criolla, etc.
It is a very nutritious dish and the dish is presented with the whole guinea pig. It is served with boiled potatoes and then browned in the pan and with aji de huacatay. It is accompanied with chicha morada or chicha de jora. It is a special dish of the Peruvian Andean areas.