If you visit Cusco, store your bath clothes in your suitcase! Today we indicate three places to use it in the best thermal baths in the region.

Thermal Baths of Lares, The most rustic
they are located at an altitude of 3,250 m.s. and the temperature of its waters oscillates between 36º and 44ºC. The hottest pool, supplied by the main water eye, is 41 °. The second is a little wider and reaches 35º C. The widest reaches 38º C. Do not be scared by its yellowish color, it is due to its high content of sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfates, iron, zinc and copper. It is highly recommended for joint and muscle pain. The pools are made of stones with the mountains in sight.

Thermal Baths of Santa Teresa, the tastiest
Cocalmayo undoubtedly has the most beautiful thermal waters, since they are crystalline and their pools are made of natural stones, in this way they preserved their rustic charms. You will find three large pools in which the water temperature varies between 38 and 44 ºC. You can bathe in a natural outdoor shower and enjoy several waterfalls. It’s the richest! The cabins are very basic, that’s the only thing to regret. They are also very busy: Santa Teresa is the arrival point of the Inca Jungle Trek walkers.

Hot Springs Aguas Calientes, the most touristic
Above the town of Aguas Calientes (located just below Machu Picchu) there are some very popular thermal pools. There are several square pools that range between 38 ° and 46 ° C. The sulfur messed up the water a bit but they are clean. Of course, in the afternoon, there may be many people, preferably tomorrow morning. For example, if you follow our advice: you will visit Machu Picchu in the afternoon (Machu Picchu morning or afternoon?) With less people and the next morning, before leaving, you can take a bath that heals everything. The concrete constructions spoil the charm a bit but there are showers, cabins, a bar (with service to the pools) and a view to the leafy mountains.