If you do not have enough time and you are a beginner, your best option is to learn Spanish in Cusco with a native speaker. This option will deepen your knowledge of our culture while you start or continue your travels in Latin America. Knowing better Spanish in your trip can give you a more robust experience than a person who do not speak Spanish. We understand very well that most of our students are travelers, so we prepared a useful program tailored on your needs. This program is also perfect to improve your communication skills: your teacher will use Spanish most of the time in this intensive program to make the most of your time. The most popular type of private class is short-term, so our teacher will make sure your time is well spent.

Individual lessons give you total flexibility to decide how many hours of your time you want to invest in your Spanish. Individual lessons are usually held from Monday to Friday, but are also available on Saturdays or even Sundays if necessary. On high season from May to August we offer one on one lessons in the afternoon.

Learning Spanish is the perfect opportunity to transform your experience in Latin America. The time is now, go for it!

Every Monday, or any other day / all year round

Depends on the frequency and
duration of your class.

• Survival Spanish for travelers
• A1 – C2
• Medical Spanish
• Quechua lessons

Previous your lessons we will need
• The Student Form
• Assessment of your needs (2 parts)
• Placement test (Upon your request)