Reasons to live in Cusco

Of those who have visited Cusco, at least 80% are sure that they would like to return. In some cases they even live in that part of the country; and it is not for less, it is a place that surrounds culture and many riches in one place.
If we realize, foreigners are the ones who enjoy the most in Cusco, and they even decide to stay to start a business and live in the Sacred Valley.

1. The climate in Cusco
During the year, in Cusco it is usually verified that the temperature does not vary significantly. On a sunny day, thermometers can easily mark 20 ° C. In the territory of Cuzco you can find warm climates (central and southeast), temperate (central), cold (areas with a height higher than 3 800 meters above sea level). It must be said that dry weather is perfect for those suffering from respiratory diseases, an important point if you plan to settle there.

2. Natural beauty and beautiful villages
Cusco has part of the sierra, as well as the jungle, so you can enjoy both places. An excellent way to do it is through the ways of the Inca. The number of people doing this tour multiplies every year, and it is not surprising if you consider all the beauty of the local fauna and flora. The people and people that can be visited and known represent a unique opportunity to develop the culture and sensitivity of any traveler.

3. Cusco: historical capital of Peru
Cusco is, constitutionally, the historical capital of Peru. What made it worthy of such consideration by the country is the intimate relationship it has with the Inca Empire.
Already the great writer Inca Garcilaso de la Vega called it “the Rome of the Americas” in the seventeenth century and, truly, it is difficult to find another pre-Columbian city that has managed to achieve its development. This is testified by the magnificent buildings that can be visited in the city (such as the Coricancha, the fortress of Sacsayhuamán, Ollantaytambo, etc.). Also, those buildings made by the Spaniards have added a peculiar interest to the Cuzco capital (the Cathedral of Cusco or the Convent and Church of La Merced are the most representative examples).
The history of Cusco is very extensive, so there are several museums where you can see artifacts or objects of interest for any resident or visitor.

4. Nightlife
Although it is a city full of historical and millenarian culture, fun is an element that is part of the people of Cusco and, of course, the many tourists who come to this capital. Nowadays you can find several nightclubs in Cusco as well as restaurants of excellent quality. There are also often cultural events such as music concerts or movie exhibitions.

5. The tranquility
Some are looking for fun, but others just want to relax. Living in Cusco allows both, but, above all, rest. So there are houses in the Sacred Valley that seek to integrate people with nature through the practice of different sports such as boating, hiking, horseback riding, mountaineering or bird watching.

6. The mysticism of the place
The energy emanating from Cusco is felt upon arriving in the city. You can perform rituals to the Pachamama to obtain benefits, and even take ayahuasca to have spiritual trips. But it is enough to be somewhere without company, to feel a change in the energetic aspect of the body and the mind.