Our History – The Foundation

Amigos has always been about more than just language classes. Read on and find out a little more about our history. The official name of our organization was Nuevo Día del Cusco (NDDC), but we like to call it The Amigos Foundation. Within The Amigos Foundation, exists our Youth Program.
The Amigos Foundation was founded in April 2000, with the objective to give education, food, and host any students in emergency if necessary, as stated in our constitution. Jesus and his friend Finn Byrum, a Danish photojournalist who was immediately taken with the plight of the street children in Cusco agreed to help Jesús with his project. The two created an official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named Nuevo Dia del Cusco Foundation that would have its first project;
In 2002, the Amigos Foundation came into being. It began with a unique goal in mind; to become the first language school in Cusco to provide invaluable language skills, care and academic support to some of Cusco’s most disadvantaged students.

The Youth Program


OUR TEAM IS 100% local team

Amigos is first and foremost an educational institution. We are committed to providing our international students with a first-class Spanish learning program, and to maintaining a highly competitive level of quality and professionalism in our teaching. We are an official Spanish school holding a current license issued by the Municipality of Cusco city, employing thoroughly trained and experienced teaching staff.

Our underlying mission of being a non-profit organization, and helping the local children of Cusco through our youth program at our Association Nuevo Dia del Cusco, did not detract from our capacity as a Spanish school in any way.

Our personal team is highly trained, all of them have many years of experience in teaching, have certifications and share a passion for their work and a commitment. In addition, our teachers are all native speakers of Spanish, and most of them have lived in Cusco for most of their lives.

We are a local team

Director – Diego

Founder – Jesus

Teacher – Maria

Teacher – Liz

Teacher- Veronica

Teacher – Daysi

Contact for Coreans – Flor


Learning and teaching languages have been the activities that I have dedicated almost all of my academic and occupational life. As a teacher, a learner, a language user, and a coordinator, I have had the opportunity to experience and learn mostly empirically than academically a variety of approaches in teaching and learning languages.

I am a language lover