Spanish Lessons

We take pride in our professional, well-trained teachers. Our Spanish classes consist of both grammar and conversation lessons. Our teachers prepare daily lessons and weekly curricular programs tailored to our students’ needs; classes are designed to be engaging and fun, never passive. The lessons will be very interactive with a lot of recreational games and activities previously well prepared.

At our school we will prepare for your classes:

1. An assessment and summary of your proposed curricular program on your first day of class. (Optional)

2. A professional report based on your knowledge and skills, at the end of the lesson programs (from 2 weeks or more)


If you do not have enough time and are beginner, do not worry. We prepare a useful phrases for your trip.

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We hardly recommend you this lessons, as you can practice a lot with new friends, the teacher will focus on you like one on one.

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It is conformed from 6 to 10 students where it is easy to do a lot of activities out of the lessons.
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This lessons are focused on technical Spanish, as it is necessary to have a knowledge of Spanish level A2.
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Working on revitalization of language, we help you to touch the local culture of Incas time.

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