Your hostel will be your home, and we will be your family. Therefore, we have carefully chosen a small list of places for you to stay. Each company that we work with is part of a larger experience. If one company fails to provide high quality service, it will affect the other companies. Therefore, this type of checks and balances between companies will ensure that you receive a higher quality of service. The hostels are located within walking distance of the main square and near the colorful local markets. You will also have a discount when booking through our school.

  • All rooms are private, and some bathrooms has jacuzzies.
  • Airport transfer service included.
  • WIFI and friendly staff who are available to practice your Spanish at any time.

Keep in mind that we will offer you:

  • Extra-curricular activities such as cooking lessons and salsa dancing.
  • Short Treks around Cusco.
  • Crash Quechua lessons to interact with ethnic local people in the rural areas around