Accommodation in family house

We believe it is wise to participate in our home-stay program, rather than stay in a hostel. You would live with a middle-class family that we have selected very carefully to give you the best Cusquenian experience. The families are very kind and helpful and provide two meals a day breakfast and dinner. At the weekends, our families usually invite our students to visit their relatives, to go for a picnic or short trip, or to play sports. This is the ideal way to discover Cusquenian people, practice your language and touch a little of a Latin culture. They will show you their everyday life, sharing with you their everyday time.
Our families are all carefully selected, all recommended by previous students, and all extremely accommodating. Unless a student requests otherwise, the families are generally only able to speak Spanish, and are instructed to speak to students in Spanish at all times.

Our family stay package includes a private bedroom in the house of your host family, and two meals a day, seven days a week. Private bathrooms are also available with some of the families. All families have Internet.

Families in Peru are generally big in size, big in love, and big in their meal servings. What’s more, family is the cornerstone of the life and the culture of Peru, and becoming part of one – even if only for a short time – is the best possible way to experience and to gain an understanding of the local culture.

  • Peruvian families are very friendly, you can enjoy a pleasant stay with them, they will show you the city, talk a lot, the activities of family actions such as birthdays, etc.
  • You will have good food, Peruvian cuisine is very rich, because it is a mix of Inca cuisine with European and Asian cuisine. In addition to eating with a host family is more healthy than eating a local restaurant, students who eat out are more susceptible to stomach sickness and get diarrhea, parasites, typhus, etc. from the traveler.
  • Homestay is always willing to give students advice on good places in the city, places to avoid, pubs, clubs, how to save money in the city, etc.

How are families chosen for accommodation?

  • They are kind and above all love to share their life with foreigners.
  • Clean, comfortable houses with hot water and located in safe areas.
  • Middle class, with a good level of education.
  • They like to share ideas and talk about all the topics.
  • These families will do everything possible to help you find everything you need. Find the most beautiful places in the city and help buy anything you need at a good price.
  • Families speak basic English. This will be useful in the first days, but after that you will have to speak Spanish.
  • During your registration process you can write a description of your ideal family, so you will find a good family based on your suggestions.

Prices per week of Homestay in Cusco

Single room             Double room Double bed
USD 150 USD 150 (1 queen bed) USD 150

                        Note: prices are per week

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