We believe that it is wise to participate in our homestay program rather than stay in a hostel. In our homestays, you will live with a middle-class family that we have selected very carefully to give you the best Cusquenian experience. The families are very kind and helpful and provide two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. On the weekends, our families usually invite our students to visit their relatives, go for a picnic or short trip, or play sports. This is the ideal way to discover Cusquenian people, practice the language, and learn a little about Latin culture. They will show you their everyday life while sharing their time with you. 

Families in Peru are generally big in size, big in love, and big in their meal servings. What’s more, family is the cornerstone of the life and the culture of Peru. Becoming part of one – even if only for a short time – is the best possible way to experience and gain an understanding of the local culture. 

Tree children laughing.

– Pick up service
– 2 meals per day (Breakfast and dinner)
– Meals depending on your diet.
– Wi-Fi
– Private bathroom (likely to sell out)
– On your first day of lessons, one member of the family will go with you to Amigos to show you the way

– Kind and big in love
– Clean and comfortable
– Hot water
– Located in safe areas
– Middle class family
– The family speaks mostly in Spanish
– The family speaks basic English