You only need to be connected to the Internet.
without detaching from your computer

Learn with an online teacher

You will learn in a totally personalized way with a private teacher and individual classes.

Choose from thousands of teachers around the world.


We prepare a tailoed program for your needs with appropriate approaches, depending on your needs like University, work, travel, porposes and Others.

Private classes when you want

Make the classes the day and time that best suits your time availability,

even on weekends and from anywhere with Internet access: from home, at work.


We ensure that your training is of high quality because we have teachers of excellent academic level.

You will save money, and time!

You will no longer need to move for your classes, so you will have more time for what you really like to do.

In addition, being online classes, they are cheaper for what you will save.


The virtual classroom gives you very simple tools to use: interactive whiteboard,chat and possibility to save images of your work.

You will learn with your teacher, live

Access from your computer or laptop to the Classgap virtual classroom, our technology goes beyond a simple videoconference:
draw on the whiteboard, edit documents with our collaborative text editor, share your screen, play videos …