The use of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) plays an important role to assist you on improving your proficiency skills as well as coaching you online for your self-learning. Technology nowadays plays an important role in learning. During your online lessons, we will suggest cool apps as well as software to enhance your productive and receptive skills. The former refers to speaking and writing, while the latter refers to hearing and reading.

There are two types of online services that we offer: 

Coaching on your self-learning: Through a task-based and project-based approach, we will support you to work on your own academic progress in Spanish. The role of a teacher is to assess and guide you through the process of the approach mentioned above. Teachers will provide real world academic materials tailored to your interest so that Spanish is embedded in the topic, and you will learn in a more natural way.

Teaching online: These analogous to classroom teaching in which we will use the communicative approach related to regular classes. Through online platforms we will offer you the chance to work on your proficiency skills and culture. This course is ideal before coming to Cusco as you will not only learn about the language but also about the culture.

Pronunciation: We recognize that pronunciation and verbal interaction have an inseparable relationship because pronunciation can affect meaning. This recognition leads us to using the right intonation as gateway to understanding culture. As Celce-Marcia (2010) suggests, focusing on prosody (rhythm, intonation, pauses) will improve the intelligibility of the speaker (p 33). We will focus on this area to not only improve your pronunciation but also to help you understand your interlocutor’s meaning.

Hearing comprehension differs from talking to a new person, talking through a phone with interference, as well as recognizing a discourse with intelligibility. Pronunciation not only helps in understanding but also to make yourself understood.

Spanish courses 
for self-study: Grammar, Business, Vocabulary & Travel

Learning resources 
Vocabulary Trainer, Verb Conjugator, Online Translator, etc.

Live Tutor 
Who can assist you with any questions you may have

Online Spanish courses
For teaching yourself plus a tutor
Spanish courses available at different 6 levels, ranging from
beginners to advanced level (A1-C2). Professionals, Vocabulary and
Travel. Learning resources + Podcasts + Videos…
Online Spanish courses


Practical Spanish grammar A1-C2 with comprehensive explanations in English

Practice your writing with a variety of topics and receive feedback on your texts.

Using vocabulary exercises and the Vocabulary Trainer

Listening exercises using audio and video

Record your voice to practice speaking

Reading texts with comprehension exercises 

Learning made easier

The learning resources available will help you to master each step in Spanish: vocabulary trainer, verb conjugator, translator, language exchange, learning statistics and a professional virtual teacher.