The hostel are located close the school, a walking distance. As we have already worked before with this kind of accommodation with our students, our partner give you a discount if you book with us, in this case we do not have pick up service. As it is a hostel, you may hear some early noises from people going for a trek or a tour. We have an airport shuttle included

  • All rooms have a private bathroom, with a good hot water system in the lavatory and shower, some with Jacuzzi.
  • The rooms also have cable, flat screen TV, good beds with new mattress, wardrobe, Wi-Fi Internet, telephone and heating.
  • The hotel also has Suites.
Other services offered at Friends  Spanish School:

We have the Quechua course, for you to learn the native language of the Incas.
• Think about your availability and interest, we offer different programs to learn Spanish.
• Not only do we care about your learning, we also want you to enjoy your stay in Cusco visiting our entertaining, and for that we also offer tour packages.
• During the week we perform different activities such as salsa lessons, cooking lessons, games, walks, and many other activities.