Situated: Mountain ranges (Andes) south of Peru

Area: Cusco city 72.104 Km. squared

Altitude: Cusco department 3400m

Population: Cusco department: 1’093,692 inhabitants

Routes of access:

  • Land: Lima – Arequipa – Cusco 1650 Km., 26 hours by bus approximately
  • Air: Domestic Flights Lima – Cusco (1 hour) and Arequipa – Cusco (30 minutes approximately).
  • Train: Regular service Puno – Cusco 384 Km.


The city has a semidry and cold climate and the maximum temperature is 19.6 C (67.3 F) and the minimum 4.2 C (39.6 F)

The rainy season begins in November and ends in March, the time when the mountains are covered green.

Between June and July it is common for the climate to be icy and chilly, with an “intense cold” when snow is reported in the surrounding areas.


Cusco presents a combination of impressive mountains with fertile valleys.

The temperature varies according to the zone, as you will find that Cusco has enormous mountains, as well as vast jungle rainforest, full of valleys with different varieties of flora and fauna.

The Cusco valley is approximately 31km.