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About Cusco

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Situated: Mountain ranges (Andes) south of Peru Area: 72.104 Km. squared Altitude: Cusco is 3400m above sea level Population: Cusco has 1,093,692 inhabitants Routes of access: Land: Lima – Arequipa – Cusco 1650 Km.,or  approximately 26 hours by bus  Air: Domestic Flights Lima – Cusco (1 hour) and Arequipa – Cusco (~30 minutes). Train: Regular service Puno – Cusco 384 Km. Climate The city has a semidry and cold climate. The maximum temperature is 19.6 C (67.3 F) and the minimum 4.2 C (39.6 F). The rainy season begins in November and ends in March, when the mountains are covered with [...]

Typical dishes of Cusco

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Typical dishes of Cusco The food of Cusco takes the Andean and Spanish tradition in the preparation of their stews. It is a mixture of two trends that combine giving exquisiteness of really delicious dishes. The first one contributes Peruvian ingredients such as potatoes, corn, quinoa, guinea pigs, chili peppers and various condiments such as huacatay or pasta del ají panca; and the other the use of meats such as mutton and pork. Also, the methods of boiling when preparing meals. Over the years, many foods have varied, however, the picanterías and the famous chicherías remain over the [...]

Reasons to live in Cusco

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Reasons to live in Cusco Of those who have visited Cusco, at least 80% are sure that they would like to return. In some cases they even live in that part of the country; and it is not for less, it is a place that surrounds culture and many riches in one place. If we realize, foreigners are the ones who enjoy the most in Cusco, and they even decide to stay to start a business and live in the Sacred Valley. 1. The climate in Cusco During the year, in Cusco it is usually verified that the [...]


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CARNIVALS OF CUSCO The Cusco carnival takes place between February or March. Festivity that unites the Cusco population through allegory and measured play. The "yunzas or cortamontes" are the main attraction of this party that consists of the profusion of the game with water, talcum and mixture. The main celebration of the Cusqueño Carnival takes place in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, with the presentation of public and private institutions, which offer the best of their dances, comparsas and gangs, many of them winners of the various Carnival Festivals of the South Valley and Sacred Valley of [...]


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THERMAL BATHROOMS IN CUSCO If you visit Cusco, store your bath clothes in your suitcase! Today we indicate three places to use it in the best thermal baths in the region. Thermal Baths of Lares, The most rustic they are located at an altitude of 3,250 m.s. and the temperature of its waters oscillates between 36º and 44ºC. The hottest pool, supplied by the main water eye, is 41 °. The second is a little wider and reaches 35º C. The widest reaches 38º C. Do not be scared by its yellowish color, it is due to [...]

Art and Culture in Cusco

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Art and Culture in Cusco Cusco is a cultural capital par excellence, it is a mystical and cosmopolitan city, with ancestral customs that are kept alive thanks to its people; This is expressed in religious celebrations, dances, art and can be noticed in each of the streets of the historic center of the city. Cusco has many museums and art galleries, its works mix artistic imagination, art and conception of the Andean world with European cultural influence. The delicious landscapes of the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, feed the inspiration of local artists. [...]

Holiday Calendar in Cusco

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Calendar of Festivities in Cusco The spirit of Peruvian man, sculpted by art and religion, has given rise to a creative vein that arises in an infinite variety of forms, rhythms and rituals. Year after year, more than 3,000 popular parties, 1,500 musical styles and countless arts and crafts confirm that Peru is home to one of the most varied folkloric legacies in the world. With this the Peruvians feed off their deep roots to project an eternal alliance with nature and through rhythms and colors, to reinforce their commitment to life that extends to visitors through hospitality [...]