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TOUR IN CUSCO – Sanctuary Machupicchu Millennial

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Sanctuary-machu-picchu Millennial Historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu Machu Picchu is an Inca city surrounded by temples, platforms and water channels, built on top of a mountain. Its construction was built with large blocks of stone joined together, without the use of amalgam. At the moment it is cultural patrimony of the humanity like being recognized as important political, religious and administrative center of the Inca period. Where it is located? Machu Picchu, which in Spanish means "old mountain", is the most famous Inca citadel in the world. Located 110 kilometers northeast of Cusco, in the province of Urubamba, [...]


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INTIRAYMI-SUN PARTY Only in the city of Cusco, "Capital of the Empire of the Incas", "Cultural Heritage of Humanity", takes place in its Jubilee month, the Inca tradition, Andean religious: the IntiRaymi on June 24 of each year, party Original, where the sun god is honored in the great esplanade of Saqsayhuamán, where thousands of people attend between national locals and tourists from all over the world.