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Lessons Program

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Lessons program

We offer private one-on-one lessons, as well as classes in a small group. All lessons are taught according to our curriculum, which is customized by our teachers (per their professional judgement) according to the needs of each student or group class.

Additional individual lessons: 15.00 USD per hour

The study program has two key focus areas: grammar, and conversation practice. Since our classes follow a strict policy of immersion (that is, all classes are Spanish-only), these two areas are taught simultaneously, thus allowing students to apply the theory component immediately upon learning it. We also regularly update and improve our curriculum, with the help of student feedback, and with an eye on industry developments.
Additional individual lessons: 15.00 USD per hour


Group Lessons are generally of 4 academic hours duration, and are held from 8am-12pm, Monday to Friday, in small groups. Group classes may have as few as four people (during non-peak periods), and the scheduling of classes is flexible, subject to the preferences of students and teachers.

Individual lessons give you complete flexibility to decide for how many hours a day, at what time of day, and for how many days per week you would like to have classes. Individual lessons are generally held Monday to Friday, but may also be available on Saturday or even on Sunday, if required.


Our teaching staff is a small and highly trained group. All of them have many years of experience, have industry certifications, and share a passion for their work and a commitment to the school's non-profit mission. Additionally, our teachers are all native Spanish speakers, and the majority of them have lived in Cusco or in Lima for most of their lives.

We believe in keeping our students happy and at their full potential. For this reason, we make every effort to put each student with the teacher that suits them best, and we are more than happy to switch teachers, should a student express any concerns.

Our academic info page contains all the information that you need about; curriculum; the textbooks that we use; placement tests to determine your language level; and certification of the program.

Types of classes

Amigos currently offer the following types of basic Spanish classes:
  • Intensive course: our most popular type of class, for short-term students with good prior Spanish skills, or for long-term students with anything between excellent and non-existent prior Spanish skills. This course will take you through our standard curriculum, and will focus on improving your general grammar and conversation skills.
  • Survival Spanish: for short-term students with no prior Spanish skills, who would like to develop their grammar and conversation skills sufficiently to get them through the rest of their Latin travels.

And we also offer the following types of specialized Spanish classes:

  • Medical Spanish: we have attempted to fulfill the complex and demanding expectations of foreign doctors and nurses, by developing a very unique system which combines the practical and the theory components of medical Spanish. The class materials used in this program are very different than those in normal Spanish lessons, and the preparation of the lessons program before class normally takes a lot of time.
  • Spanish for children: in the case of teachers and other people working with children, we offer a course that focuses on the subtleties of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and expression, as it applies to communication with children.
  • Spanish for chefs: a crash course to prepare your culinary language skills for use in the Latin world. Particular emphasis is given to vocabulary, and to customer service communication skills in Spanish.
  • Spanish for business: essential skills for foreign investors and business ambassadors looking to help their organisation expand into the Spanish-speaking world. Students are taught common business formalities, common surprises when encountering the Latin business culture, and a comprehensive vocabulary of Latin business jargon.
  • Technical Spanish: specialised Spanish skill teaching to help those planning to work in the Latin world in the fields of engineering, science, and computing.
Additionally, we offer Quechua lessons, for those students wishing to learn the native language of the Cusco region, as well as the language of the ancient Incas. We have four teachers at Amigos with university-level Quechua teaching qualifications, and with native fluency in the language.


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