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When you come to Amigos, you have the opportunity to do much more than simply study Spanish. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities to help you enjoy your time with us, and to foster friendship and community amongst fellow students. These activities are also designed to teach you about the local culture, in such aspects as cuisine, music, dance, artisanship, and socio-economic issues.

Amigos does not benefit financially from this and help you (for free) organizing these activities. Please notice that you will have to pay a minimum amount for the cost of these activities.

Note: the date and time of all activities is flexible, and may be changed subject to the needs of students.

Weekly activities

We currently offer the following extra-curricular activities which are held once per week (generally in the afternoons) to all students:

Real city tour


A three-hour tour like no other tour in Cusco, led by Amigos staff. Students are taken to a number of the most impoverished areas in Cusco, and are shown nearby locations such as schools, industrial sites, and private residences. The guide explains some of the issues that the people in these places have to contend with every day such as, chronic exploitation, lack of education, and domestic violence. Students also get to partake in some fun and unique experiences, such as drinking chicha (traditional local beverage) in an authentic chicheria, and visiting Cusco's oldest and most chaotic market, Mercado San Pedro.

Location: greater Cusco.
Day / time: Wednesdays or Saturdays, 2pm-5pm.
Guide: Juan Carlos or Sergio.

Cooking lessons

A two-hour lesson with a professional local chef. Students learn how to prepare, cook and get to eat one or two traditional Peruvian dishes — from Peru's coastal, desert, Andean, and jungle regions — in Amigos’s fully-equipped kitchen. Students are encouraged not just to spectate, but to join in and get their hands dirty (although you should start with clean hands!).

Location: Amigos’s kitchen in the school
Day / time: Thursdays, 4pm-6pm.
Chef: Alex.

Dancing lessons

A one-hour lesson with a trained local teacher. Students are usually taught Salsa, but are sometimes also taught Meringue (a cousin of Salsa) or Huayno (traditional Andean dance). Break out your dancing shoes, become one with the "son" (rhythm) of the Latin world, and prepare yourself for the wild party nights of Cusco!

Location: Dance studio, 5-minute walk from the school.
Day / time: Fridays, 5pm-6pm.
Instructor: Elvis.

Extra activities

For those students willing to invest a bit more cash, and keen to learn a few more skills, we also offer these activities (subject to demand) for an additional cost. The activities are conducted by very experienced and specialised teachers, and they will further your knowledge of (and your immersion in) the local culture tremendously.

We currently offer the following extra-curricular activities, at an additional cost and held according to demand, to all interested students:

Weaving lessons

AmigosSubject to request we offer weaving lessons, which are conducted by Erasma. This experienced weaver and teacher comes from the village of Chinchero (50 minutes by bus from Cusco) to give weaving lessons at Amigos. Chinchero is a very well known village, famous for its weaving belts and for its blankets. The weaving of Chinchero contains graphic designs that symbolize many of the festivals and rituals in the Incan culture. The teacher is not only patient and dedicated to her job, she is also a proud holder of pure Incan ancestry, and she shares with students her wealth of knowledge about her rich heritage.

Location: Amigos Spanish School.
Date / time: at students' discretion.
Teacher: Erasma.

Quechua lessons

Also subject to request, Amigos can not only teach you Spanish (the language of the Latin world), but also Quechua, the language of the Incas. Quechua is an incredibly useful language to learn, as it is the most widely-spoken indigenous language in South America (with 10 million of native speakers). Quechua is also the perfect foundation for experiencing more of the local culture than would ever be possible otherwise.

Location: Amigos Spanish School.
Date / time: at students' discretion.
Teacher: Luz.


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