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Academic info


We have developed our own tailored curriculum. Our study program is flexible enough to cater to a broad range of prior Spanish language skill levels, and we support it with resources such as speaking exercises, stimulating games, and textbooks (available for purchase for longer-term students, or photocopies available for shorter-term students).

If you would like to have a clearer idea of what you will be learning during your time at Amigos, we would be happy to send you our lessons curriculum, upon completion of the second step of booking.


We currently work with only one textbook, which is suitable for students at all levels:
Title: Español en March
Publisher: SGEL Sociedad General Española de Libreria S.A.
Normally, students who stay for more than four weeks require this book, including the separate exercise book. Both the textbook and the exercise book are available for purchase at the school.

Placement tests

In order to determine the extent of students' prior Spanish language abilities, all new starters at Amigos are given a placement test. We require that you complete this test before commencing classes, either in person at the school, or electronically via e-mail. The test is multiple-choice, and it is designed to test your grammar in particular.


After 2 weeks or more of Spanish Lessons (40 hours), we print and provide you with a certificate that verifies your Spanish learning at Amigos. This certificate bears the official teaching license of the school, and it can be used to help prove your knowledge of Spanish at educational institutions around the world.


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