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Short historical account:

The Inca Empire, of Tahuantinsuyo stretched from the fields in Colombia to the river Maule in Chile, and had their centre in Cusco, "The navel of the world", which was considered the sacred city.

According to the legends and the chronicles, 13 Incas governed and dominated the valley of the River Huatanay.

After the Spanish conquest, they proceeded with the foundation of the city on the 23rd of March 1534.

The arrival of the new culture transformed temples and Inca palaces to colonial houses and churches.

The earthquake of 1650, reduced the city and its surroundings to ruins, but gave the opportunity to develop the new cusqueo art that was lead by the bishop Mollinedo, whose purpose it was to encourage the architectural reconstruction and development, the wood carving and painting.

Cusco was the place of various Andean resistance movements, between the most outstanding Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui and, Tupac Amaru II en 1780.

After the declaration of independence, the liberator Don Jose de San Martín created the Cusco department on the 26th April 1822.

Cusco is one of the most touristic centers in South America and has modern touristic services, and also has an interesting night life.


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