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Inti Raymi:

Inti Raymi

The Festival of the Sun God is every 24th June.

The actual presentation starts in the archeological site of Koricancha, and continues on to the main square. Finally, it ends in the archeological site of Sacsayhuaman.

In the month of December is Santuranticuy:

Is a festival in the main square, where all the artists meet and sell their handicraft such as, sacred images, ceramics and wood carvings.

Also there are other festivities, but they don't have an exact date like:


Procession to the snowcapped mountain of Ausangate (6380 m), in the province of Quispicanchi.

Señor de Torrechayoc:

Procession and praying to the Cross of Sr. de Torrechayoc, in the province of Urubamba (Sacred Valley).

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi:

Procession including 15 of the most important Saints in Cusco. This procession is accompanied by musicians.

The typical meal during this festivity is the "Chiri Uchu", which has the main ingredients guinea pig, corn, chilly, chicken, cheese, sausages, and corn tortilla.

The dates of these festivities are always changing, but they are between the months of May and June.


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