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The Amigos Foundation in Holland

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The Amigos Friends in all over the world

At one point, we were generously supported in our efforts to have Nuevo Dia del Cusco become a fully functioning NGO by the Amigos Foundation in Holland and many private friends from England, The United States and all over the world.

LisbethLisbeth (She was our representative in Holland):

‘I've known the Amigos project from the beginning and I think it's a very positive project that focuses on the talents of children instead of focusing on their problems. It's a great opportunity for children to be a part of Amigos. I lived in Peru for 4 years and Peru has given me so much... now I would like to give something back and be a part of the Amigos Foundation in Holland, so that I can help this splendid project to keep up the good work!’

Recent Developments

Unfortunately, we have had to suspend our work with the foundation and with the Youth Program in recent years.

At the end of 2008 Amigos Spanish School was the victim of an armed robbery. The perpetrators said that they were applying to join the Youth Program in order to enter the school, and when they realized they were alone in the school, they stole our laptops, our materials, and all of the money in our cash box. In addition, one of our staff was hospitalized. Since then, it has been difficult to find the trust and confidence necessary to run the Youth Program, and we have chosen just to remain working with the small groups, rather than the whole of the project. My moral conflict has been difficult to reconcile - how we can condemn so many Cusquenians to the hell of poverty when only a few bad apples spoil the crop. Still, trust is hard to repair, and this will take a long time.

After the small group of 2008 finished their program in 2010, the project was frozen for 2011. In 2012 It was decided just to have a small group of kids to take care of, without the stringent and compromising demands of the Youth Project. Jesus will be the teacher, no coordinators, no teachers to hire, no cook. All was going to be done by me with this small group of very little kids, and this unexpected but happy situation finished in 2016.

Since 2017, we don’t have any projects at all but these kids come and visit the school from time to time, and they are my family. We do things together as a family; biking, eating, playing.


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